Hi everybody !

As you could understand, we’re so busy tripping that we cannot find time to write something… Or maybe, we just don’t want to pay for the web, so we wait to find some free web, we enjoy tourism offices and librairies which permit us to spend some time online.

So, since the last time, we spent three days in Copenhague, was really a good time there, we finish our journey with Lars and Sheri, thanks to us for let us spend a night in their flat. We went after in Malmö where we slept in Benoit’s flat, a french host really nice and friendly, he made us discover the city in a big bike tour, we went to a tango concert, went to the carnival, share a good dinner… One more great experience thanks to Couch Surfing !

Here is a link to see our road map http://maps.google.se/maps?saddr=Malm%C3%B6&daddr=55.42572,12.95976+to:55.38164,13.15126+to:55.44207,13.804+to:55.53947,14.3233+to:56.02119,14.22361+to:56.06337,14.62628+to:56.18734,14.81441+to:56.19105,15.61379+to:56.27263,15.96482+to:kalmar&hl=sv&ie=UTF8&sll=56.15321,14.682015&sspn=2.288639,4.916382&geocode=FYNwUAMdV2LGACn_kcR0pQVTRjHliEi93wWp0w%3BFbi6TQMdEMDFACmvZeKzeAxTRjGgsCEIeJABEw%3BFYgOTQMdHKzIACnR6XhLYHFTRjGEcKpJxuNp1g%3BFZb6TQMd4KHSAClZbm_Zc31URjEx9p4QeJABEw%3BFQ53TwMdZI7aACl5hViUVVtURjFBFF0QeJABEw%3BFcbQVgMd-gjZACmjHfoChhxURjEhBqYQeJABEw%3BFYp1VwMd6C3fACm7T-XP-p1WRjEfyZAMrh9V_Q%3BFcxZWQMdygziAClNWuC2yZpWRjEw0L8Y8_4AEw%3BFUpoWQMdXj_uACnrBI7sh2xWRjGRCtMY8_4AEw%3BFfamWgMdlJrzACkxt7fFcj1WRjGgzz0Y8_4AEw%3BFcWVYAMd46z5ACkbJXinHMxXRjFgkORB8_4ABA&mra=dpe&mrsp=9&sz=8&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9&dirflg=w&z=8

Then, on monday 1st, we left Malmö to re-strat biking, and so we follow all the seaside from Malmö to Kalmar that we reached today, to take a ferry to Öland Island, a long and slim Island on the east side of Sweden. During the last week, we also meet Dan and Raik, two german brothers cycling on a tandem, really nice guys whith who we spent two nights and one day, was a bit strange to ride with someone else but really funny : the high moment with them was when we passed our first 1.000 kilometers, in the middle of a military area deserted for the summer, kind of the middle of nowhere.

We also had our first technical difficulties. First, Monika decided to have the first punkture, just to train finally for the day after, when Ben broke a spoke (casser un rayon / ein Speiche gebrochen), more serious but we were lucky and only had to ride 20 more kilometers to find a bike shop and a great guy, Kristian, who fixed it in 30 minutes for a cheap price.

About the weather, we really enjoyed a summer time spending long afternoons on the beach at the beginning, now it’s going colder, around 15 degres, not so easy but we can try our clothes, hopping it won’t be colder the following weeks.

Next week, we’ll reach Stockholm where we’ll stay for a couple of days and then, we’ll take a boat to Finland where we’ll be on the highest north point of our trip.

We finish this post a bit under pressure cause everybody around us want to check the web, so we put some pictures chosen quickly, hope you’ll enjoy.