Hi !

It’s been a long time we didn’t write, and as you can imagine, we have lot of things to speak about. So, let’s do it !

We left Riga in a strange way, cause we decided to cheat a little bit and we took  a train for 40 kilometers, and re-start cycling in the middle of a national park, cause it’ also difficult to leave a big city. When we saw the train we thought that it was maybe not a good idea cause the door is about 1 meter high over the floor, and carry bike loaded inside should be difficult. We finally managed to do it. Then, our plan was to go straight to the west, leave the coast for a couple of days to finally reach it in Jurkalne, famous for his beaches. The idea was good, and so we had to follow the Eurovelo 10 which cross Latvia and reach Lithuania by the coast. But after some kilometers, we realized that we’ll start to have a problem : the main wind in the region comes from south-west, just where we were going to. And that’s how we had to ride during 3 days against the wind, it’s really hard for the mental to see that your current speed is around 10km/h and you want to ride 60 ou 70km, but we finally did it. You have to know that sometimes the wind was so strong that some trees felt down on the streets, and broke electricity in some cities. This part of Latvia was otherwise really nice, it was kind of the first time we were in the country side and could enjoy the peaceful of fields, lakes and forests. We cross some nice cities and particulary Kuldiga which has the widest waterfall of Europe.

We reached the coast 3 days after leaving Riga but unfortunately we arrived there under the rain which didn’t stop until the day after so we didn’t have the luck to enjoy those wild sandy beaches. While leaving this city, we also realized that our way was leaving the coast one more time until Liepaja that we reached in one day. There, we arrived after the summer rush and it was not so easy to find a place where to sleep cause hostels and guest-houses were already closed. When we finally find something, it was a really nice guest-house that we had for only the two of us and we enjoyed a great crepes-party with a bottle of french wine : luxus ! Afterwhat the day after, we wanted to visit the city and one the the famous attraction is an old russian jail, so we decided to see it. During our way, we met hundreds of bicycles going in our direction so we joined them qnd qfter asking what was it about, we learnt that it was the day of the eco-mobility there. We rode with them half an hour and left them on our way to the jail. This visit was really interesting and makes you realize – or try to – how conditions of “life” were there, just hardcore.We spent the rest of the day hanging out in a restaurant, just chilling outside, having a sun bath, speaking with greman bikers we met there…

We left Liepaja in the end of the afternoon cause we already knew where we would sleep, it was about 20 km from the city, in Bernati, a place also really famous for his white sandy beaches. Once arrived there, that was actually one of the most beautiful beaches we ever saw and even it was windy and already 7pm, we couldn’t resist to have our first bath in Latvia. We perhaps stayed only 50 seconds in the water, really cold !!! Well, the day after, we knew that we could visit a park where there are wild horses and oxes and as Moni loves horses, we thought that it was a good idea. The bonus is that it was a place where you can pitch your tent, make a fire. This day was really cutting with the previous, was cold and rainy – the firsts colours of autumn started to arrive – and when we arrived there, it was impossible to go to see them cause of the rain. But after a while, rain stopped and we could visit the park with a guide, and as we were the only people, she could spend time with us and we had a great moment there.

The day after was the day when we cross this new border between Latvia and Lithuania on our way to Klaipeda, and this time we had a real border cause we were on the main road. It was funny to arrive in Lithuania cause after 8 days one the road in Latvia where nothing is dedicated to the cyclists (we mean : any signboard, any bicycle path out of the big cities), we reached a new bike-friendly country, everything was really clear and easy. But. But, one more time, we arrived after the rush and the first city we crossed was almost completly close, difficult to find internet, find food… The second town was more alive but the thing it was really a touristic place full of souvenirs shops, useless to say that we didn’t stay a lot there. This time, we slept in a forbidden place in the forest cause we had to stop cause of the rain that was strong and the day was over. We also already knew where we’ll sleep in Klaipeda, a new-comer on Warm Showers. We finally reached Klaipeda early the day after, really easily on a brand new bicylce path and we had to meet Gvidas and Viktoria, our hosts there. We where hosted in their place like princes, they really care about us and also permit us to have a wonderful room on the Curonian Spit where we planned to go then. After dinner, we went riding with Gvidas who was on his trike, and he lend us his tandem, so we had a surprising night-bike-tour in Klaipeda, went to the sea and in some sight-seeing places.

To stick to our plan, we left the day after in a light way cause we had two lucks : we had a real bed for the night, so no need to take matrass and everything, and as we will be back in Klaipeda, we could drop some stuff there, and we rode with only 3 bags instead of 7. The first day, we were going from Klaipeda to Nida, in the south of the spit, really close to the Russian boarder. As we said before, the wind was still coming from the south, but the weather was really good and warm, and we get a chance to have our lunch one the beach after crossing wonderful and mystical forests. Imagine a beach realy white, a sand really thin, for kilometers, and nobody to disturb you. Of course, we also swam into the sea, we were in Lithuania and so we can say that for the moment, we had a bath in every country we crossed. So, we reached Nida around 6pm after having been like children watching everywhere around us this fabulous nature. The city was nice, but our purpose was to follow some more km to the south to go uphill, on a famous dune. So we went. And what a surprise, you arrive there and on the highest point, around 70 or 80 meters over the sea-level, you can sea the Baltic sea to the West, the Curonian Lagoon to the East, and kilometers of dune, like a desert, to the South. For real, it was one of the most wonderful place we saw since our departure 10 weeks ago.  We stayed here for one hour, just amazed by the beauty of the moment, just looking far for all the directions, and finally left to reach our guest house 15 kilometers away. And of course, as we stayed looking for the place, the night was arriving and we had to finish crossing the forest in the dark. It was funny and also a bit dangerous cause our lights were not so good and we didn’t planned to ride during the darkness. Finally, we reached our place and could enjoy this cosy house before coming back to Klaipeda the day after.

What’s coming after Klaipeda ? We let you guess it. For now, enjoy the pictures !


Hello together.

Many things to tell since the last time connected. As we told you on the last article, we were not in the best form when we arrived in Parnu. But one night in a hostel and with a fixed bike we had our force back to continue our way to the second balitc state Latvia. On the road we met Jose, a spanish guy, cycling from Spain to Finland since 7 moths. He already spend more than 6000 km on the road and just crossed Latvia and Lithuania. We changed some experiences and gave each other some advises about the countries and roads we passed and had a great moment, even though we were standing next to the highway.

We continued the road and in every city we were checking emails, because Monika was waiting for her results of her Theses. Most we went to Tourist Information or to library but when she get her mark, it was acctually in a @cabine as you can see on the photo.

The last two days in Estonia the weather is becoming a bit better and Monika decided to change her bicycle against a horse for a couple of hours while Ben was resting his painful knee. Moni: “It was really great but I could feel my backside for the next two day’s :-)”.

The border between Estonia and Latvia was not so spectacular as we expected, but it is still a great feeling to cycle from one country to another. (Before we crossed the border always by boat or by train.) We bought some food in a little store on the border, because we didn’t know when we will managed to get some Lats and if we can buy in Euro there.

So we cycled along the coast to Riga. The most of the way we have to take the highway but as you can see we’ve been prepared and were wearing our nice orange and yellow jackets. About 20 before Riga we passed the 3000 km and we celebrated it with a fresh cold beer on a service station next to the highway. Even thought there were much traffic it was a nice way, because we found many nice places for a break or to sleep just next to the beach. We also stopped in a private bicycle museum, where you could find really old bikes. Ben don’t like so much museum but this one he didn’t want to leave.

On Saturday, we finally arrived in Riga .  Through couch-surfing we found a place to stay in Val and Helens home. A really nice Latvian couple and they took us to the white night in Riga, where we saw a some alternative bands, arts and also a crazy-bike exposition. On Sunday we went sightseeing in Riga and it was a really warm day. So we enjoyed to go to the market hall and then we walked around in the city. We also love to visit churches and we’ve been lucky because when we arrived in the 3 main churches there was some classical concert in there. So we had 3 unexpected free classical concerts in beautiful environment. Today we decided to stay for one more day in Riga, to prepare the next part of our journey…

Here are the pictures.

PS: We added some more pictures to the last post, too. Enjoy!

Hi folks !

A quick post to say that we arrived in Tallinn yesterday, and after 24 hours spent here, we’ll leave in a while to re-start cycling. Our plan is to stick the west coast until Riga and then probably make a short cut to Kalipeda. There, we’ll know if we can cross or not the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

Have a good week !