We finally left yesterday, managed to pack everything we wanted in our 7 bags, you can see how Moni his happy with her 3 months luggages full of clothes.

Moni and her luggage

We left at 8.oo am from Ostheim and joined Haßfurt around 9.00 and have our train on 9.42. As we said, that was not funny to take our bikes with all the stuff in the train but we finally managed and arrived in Berlin. We ride a bit until Marcus´flate – across Brandenburg Tor, Reichstag, Potsdam Place – at 6.00 pm. We had a beer together of course and then we went diner just Moni and I: We ride a bit into the city but as we were realy tired, we went back at home quite early.

Today, we spent al day long in Berlin. We have to say that it´s really easy and peacefull to ride a bicycle here, much more than every place we know in France. We ride about 20 km from east to west, were to the main places, it´s really charged of history here, funny but not only. Here are some pictures from today.

Tomorrow, we leave on the way to Rostock, we found a ´radweg´ (bicycle way) from Berlin to Rostock, just perfect. We hope than we can give some news next week, enjoy friends !