Hi folks !

A quick post to say that we arrived in Tallinn yesterday, and after 24 hours spent here, we’ll leave in a while to re-start cycling. Our plan is to stick the west coast until Riga and then probably make a short cut to Kalipeda. There, we’ll know if we can cross or not the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

Have a good week !


Ok, now, if everything happens like we want, we leave tomorrow morning. For those who have ever travelled by train with the bicyles, you know how epic that could be.

Deutschland Map - From Ostheim to Berlin

We start the trip in Ostheim in Unterfranken and have to ride 13km first to join Haßfurt, where we’ll take the train to Berlin. We have to change 3 times : in Schweinfurt, Erfurt and Magdeburg. This will be one of the main difficult of our trip, cause you need to carry your bikes and luggages everytime, it represents 40 or 50 kg per bike. Hope we’ll find the lifts !

Road Map - 4 trains, 9 hours

Once in Berlin, we’ll have to ride a couple of minutes to reach the quarter of Kreuzberg, where we’ll meet Marcus who will be our first host as couch surfers, thanks to him ! We’ll probably spend 2 days in Berlin and then leave on the way to Rostock, on the north, to take a ferry-boat to Danmark, it should take 5 days.

Kreuzberg by Propaganda Panda - Berlin