Hey hey,

Road map

One week has gone since the last time, and for us it was like a quiet week. In fact, we made maybe more kilometers with the boat than with our bicycles. We started on Oland, in Farjestaden, we spent two days joining Byxelkrok (200 points at Scrabble) in the north, those days were really peacefull, the landscapes so pure and naturals, unbelievable ! The second day was particulary hard cause we ride 50 kilometers against a strong front wind, but the views were so amazing that we managed to forget how hard was it…

Then, we took a first boat to join Oskarshamn, where we had to take a second boat to Reach Visby on the island named Gotland. Once there, we arrived during a medieval festival, and it was really strange and funny to see all a city dressed like so many years ago, everything was perfectly done that you could really feel like in other days. We finally spent one night and half a day there, enjoying the last moments of the festival. After what we left to the north, starting a north round and we were a bit disapointed by the landscapes, less beautiful than in Oland. The first night, we arrived in a nice harbour, but there was a huge stone factory in front of us, unnacceptable. We were lucky to meet Anders who invited us to camp in his garden and finally had really good time there. The days after, we cross the island to the cap north, on Faro Island, more wild than everywhere else, then to the east west coast, befor going back to Visby via Roma, where there is an antic monaster where there is some theatres acts during the summer.

During those days, we had to ‘bad’ things, the only we had in Sweden. Before saying, we have to say that in Sweden ( and Finalnd), they ave a law called ‘Everyman’s right’ which allow everyone to put a tent in the nature for 24 hours (wherever it is not forbidden and you don’t disturb anyone), fish, enjoy the nature… We do it since 3 weeks but this night, we were disturbing so a women came to throw us out of this area. The night after, we found a nice place, but the problem came from the mosquitos. They were so many, and so violent that we had to dnner into the tent and we left without having a breakfast, something that you can not imagine if you don’t live it !

Well, then, we got back to Visby where we enjoyed a barbecue in the front of the sea for the lasts moments there and we took a ferry early in the morning, today to arrive in Nynashamn, 70km south of Stockholm that we reached in the afternoon and where we met Jonhathan, a canadian guy who accepted our request on Warm Showers and who arrived here 3 days ago and host us for a couple of nights. As well, we will enjoy the city in a better way. Funny thing : before arriving, we met another guy, Kjell, who guided us to the city, was really nice from him cause it is always difficult to get into a city by bicycle, thanks mate ! Tomorrow, Roland, Monika’s brother, and Julia, his girlfriend, arrived too in Stockholm, nice to see them here, maybe we’ll go the Oktober Fest who occured this week end here. We will finally take a ferry to Finland on sunday or monday.

And we didn’t speak about the bathes we have everyday in the sea or in lakes, the weather really beautiful, not to cold, not to warm, the several people who give us water everyday… We ride 1905 km since the departure, 34 days ago, we are in good health, bicycles too, we are happy, everything is more than allright !

And now, the pictures !