So, lot of things happened since our lat post : we finally stayed one more day in Rostock where we met an old time friend from Germany and slept in Ulrike’s flat, what an host !!! On sunday, we left Germany to reach Denmark, was pretty funny cause on the ferry we took there were about 30 other cyclotourists that we met all week long here and there.

Here is the road map…

Once in Denmark, we started to ride to the north, the weather was not so bad until it became really hardcore with a lot of rain and wind, in front of course. So we decided to find a camping place, but some of  them were under the water after 72 hours of rain. So we found a nice place for 40 euro/night, a tent and 2 persons, shower unincluded. It let you imagine how we could be angry. But it was finally kind of  luck cause we decided to wild camp, and while looking for a place, we met nice people who send us to a bivouac place. Was really wonderful, everything changed from day to day : sun was shining, wind was from the back, nice and cheap places to sleep… So the following days went on being really nice, we met Hans, a 66 year guy, fascinated by everything, really helpfull, he gave us some precious advices which permit us to find another free places to sleep, other people to meet. Thanks mate !

Finally, we arrived in Copenhague today, we sleep in a pretty huge pension and we will go to Sheri and Lars flat, and Australian couple half living here to share about our trips cause they just come back from a Copenhauge-Berlin bike trip.

To finish, we have to say that Denmark is really a beautiful and peacefull country, and the danish are really nice and helpfull, we really trust them and thank them for the way they give us their hospitality.

And here are our lats pictures, enjoy !