Let’s talk about our stuff : bikes and luggages. After several monthes looking forward the good bikes, we finally bought them in Germany, where Moni lives and chose the Bulls brand, and this is the Cross Edition SLX

Those bikes are mainly for cross use but we can custom to transform them into trekking bikes, and their components are really good, and easy to fix in case of problems. We got them for 500€ each.

Vélo Ben

Velo Moni

Concerning the luggages, there are two main brands which offer real good, safe and longlife stuff : Ortlieb and Vaude, two German brands. Thanks to a competition organized by a cycle shop called Vélonautes, and based in Lyon, we finally decided to buy Vaude stuff and chose : 2 pairs of 100% waterproof bags Aquaback front and back

Aqua Back Bleu

Aqua Back Blue

Aqua Front Bleu

Aqua Front Blue

We also chose cheaper stuff, and really usefull, the Vaude Karakorum (Roadmaster line), and got as a present from friends the handlebar-bag Roadmaster too

Karakorum Blue

Karakorum Blue

Road II Blue

Road II Blue

Hopping it’s enough, maybe we’ll buy some more bags if necessary…